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Amy and Michael - Montana
Sunday, August 15, 2010 | wedding           

It's only appropriate for Amy and Michael to be married in the mountains of their home state of Montana.  The wedding was elegant and small with only family and a few of their best friends.  Michael and Amy exchanged vows in the Seeley Swan Valley nestled between the Mission Mountains and Glacier National Park.  It was almost as lovely as this beautiful couple.

Florist and Bridal Crown:  Habitat Floral Studio in Missoula, Mt

Location:  Holland Lake Lodge

Post Wedding Session:  Glacier National Park

Dress: Designed and made by Amy's mother with 100 year old vintage lace





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krissy: i just love this wedding... beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. (12/13/10, 07:44)     
Leah Jean : Marybeth, these are so beautiful. Great work as always. (08/18/10, 02:12)     
Amy: Mary Beth, these are stunning! I am thrilled with our wedding photos! Thank you for capturing everything so beautifully!!! (08/17/10, 04:30)     
Kathryn Holt: What beautiful pictures commemorating a most special occasion!! (08/16/10, 11:41)     
Ann Cook: Just breathtaking. (08/16/10, 11:40)     
Linda Agosto: Absolutely gorgeous! A treat for the eyes :) (08/16/10, 02:17)     
sally amys mom: Oh Marybeth these are just phenomenol photos.  Thank you thank you for all the work putting them together for our memories! (08/16/10, 02:17)     
Rae: Absolutely breathtaking.  Lovely.  Amazing. (08/16/10, 02:17)     
Amy Martin: You know I think these are amazing!  So beautiful... I love them! (08/16/10, 02:17)     
Justin DeMutiis: I am in love with this wedding and in love with your photography. It was hard to pick a favorite. (08/16/10, 08:47)     
sandra krauss: STUNNING MaryBeth.  So very beautiful :) (08/16/10, 08:47)     
inga finch: mary beth! beautiful! (08/16/10, 08:11)     
gwyneth colleen: these are so stunningly beautiful, mb!  you rocked this wedding, and i LOVE that her mom made her dress.   (08/16/10, 07:54)     
patsy: Just totally STUNNING!  I love it!  As always perfect job mb! (08/16/10, 07:15)     
susan stripling: we just looked at this blog post together and we both freaking love it.  you´re ridiculously good. (08/16/10, 07:15)     

Amy and Michael - After Wedding Session - Montana
Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | wedding           


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genya: Holycow- I might just dream of Montana now!!!!! (09/28/10, 10:09)     
gwyneth colleen: these are so very, very wonderful. (08/27/10, 07:07)     
Shelley Shepard: Beeyouteeful, glorious, stunning! You are a photographic genius - from weddings, to portraits to landscapes, love them! (08/18/10, 09:43)     
Chris: Umm hello lighting and scenery. Gorgeous stuff. And the depth is incredible. 3rd pic of them looking out over the mountains is just SWEEET! Good job MB. (08/18/10, 09:43)     
erin harvey: Super big fat LOVE button!! Y´know like on facebook. I can´t wait to go out West, but sadly we don´t get to see Glacier this time. (08/18/10, 09:07)     
Julie: And, I am now considering a move to Montana.  The scenery is breathtaking!  LOVE these. (08/18/10, 09:07)     
Justin DeMutiis: Just amazing... I love every picture (08/17/10, 08:07)     
Karlin Connell: I love these so much I can´t stand it. (08/17/10, 06:56)     

Sophe and Dusty - McDonough, GA
Sunday, July 25, 2010 | wedding           

I love taking the opportunity to shoot with a friend when it presents itself.  Because my husband and I had a baby in May I planned on taking June and July off but when Karlin called and asked if I would be interested in helping her with Sophe and Dusty's wedding I couldn't turn her down.  Karlin Connell is one of my best friends and an amazing photographer.  It's always a pleasure assisting her at weddings and I look forward to assisting again before the summer is over!  

Below are a few favorites from the day!

The image below is a result of drinking 5 Hour Energy and the sudden urge to run down a hill  



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Justin DeMutiis: All I can say is that you´re really, really talented (08/16/10, 08:47)     
Julie Brewer: I´m so glad you blogged...I´ve been on pins and needles waiting for my next dose.  What an adorable wedding!  As always, your pre-ceremony light is so subtle and delicate.  And, your portraits with the silos are stunning.  Love it all! Glad you are back in the swing of things, Mommy! (08/04/10, 02:05)     
Rae Leytham: Very Beautiful wedding and beautiful images.  I love the natural feel of the wedding. (08/04/10, 02:06)     
ann cook: These are too beautiful!  Can´t wait to see the rest.  Such talent!  Remember our beach trip.  I will carry, tote, clean, or whatever.  Thanks does not even start. (08/04/10, 02:05)     
susan stripling: gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. (07/26/10, 09:34)     

Amy and Mike - Eden Gardens
Saturday, June 12, 2010 | wedding           

Amy and Mike were married at the beautiful Eden Gardens State Park.  Amy grew up in Panama City but now lives in Chicago where she met Mike quite a few years ago.  The best way to describe the day is elegant and lovely.  The perfect wedding.  

Below are a few favorites from the day...






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Stanley Bair: Mary Beth, Your pictures are gorgeous!! You are a real pro! Stanley (08/19/10, 09:24)     
michelle: It looks as if you NEVER blow out the details of pictures even in broad daylight!  How do you not overexpose the whites in such bright light in Florida?  The details and coloring of each picture are amazing! What lenses do you usually use at weddings? (07/22/10, 09:52)     
Andi_Diamond: Loves these captures.  So beautiful!  Amazing job! (07/12/10, 05:12)     
michelle: You are an amazing photographer.  I LOVE the colors and saturation.  Your perspective...breathtaking.  Thanks so much for sharing your work...to view your work is always worth the wait! and congratulations on your new addition to your family. (06/23/10, 07:34)     
Justin DeMutiis: You are amazing. I always love looking at your work. (06/19/10, 08:04)     
Julie Brewer: Your weddings are always so beautiful and elegant!  Love the backlight during the portraits!! (06/15/10, 11:55)     

Blog Posts Coming Soon!
Monday, June 07, 2010 | wedding           

I realize it's been a long time since I've blogged.  I'm smack dab in the middle of the busy season and 11 days ago my husband and I welcomed our first baby into the world! (pictures coming soon!)  Needless to say my blog is suffering as a result.  

Don't give up on me yet!  I'll update the blog with images from my most recent weddings as soon as life slows down.  Or until it becomes manageable.  

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Lora Ayers: Take your time, you are a new mom..that´s huge!!  Congrats to you!!  I can´t wait to see your images (oh, wait...no pressure  haha  :) ) (06/12/10, 03:31)     
Meredith Eble: congrats on the new addition!!! glad i could be one of the last before the storm :) i loooove my images!!! thanks for being there! (06/08/10, 09:41)     
Stacy Cross: Are you kidding?! Don´t worry about US! We´ll be here when it´s time for you to return . . . for now, you need to go be with that baby  AND get some sleep. :) Congrats, Momma! (06/08/10, 09:41)     

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