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Day and Ford
Monday, August 24, 2009 | portrait           

Brandi and Brownie welcomed Day and Ford into the world in July.  Two boys!  Brandi is a wonderful friend and wedding coordinator!  Check out her site!




Picture Party
Sunday, May 03, 2009 | portrait           

Check out the adorable cuties below!!  We had such a great time at our first annual picture party!  The kids came and played and we even got a few great shots in the process.  Thank you Gina for opening up your home!  

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Justin DeMutiis: The last picture and the 5th from last picture are absolutely precious. I love the lighting. Well done! (06/05/09, 08:37)     
Elaine Freni: Love what I am seeing!  Can´t wait to see more. (05/04/09, 09:26)     
Micha Everett: These are the cutest kids and looks like they had a great time! (05/03/09, 05:58)     

Studio Portraits
Thursday, January 22, 2009 | portrait           

Below are a few images taken from recent studio sessions.  All images were taken in the studio using only the natural light from the windows.  

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Becka Knight: Those babies are so adorable! (02/08/09, 08:12)     
Ryan: That\´s some awesome light and some awesome shots! I\´m envious of your studio! (02/04/09, 11:07)     
Micha: Loving these and LOVE the lighting!!! (01/27/09, 08:53)     
Erin Harvey: love the light in there. thanks for sharing your latest work! (01/26/09, 09:20)     
gwyneth colleen: these are gorgeous, mary beth!  i´m jealous of your space. (01/23/09, 06:54)     
Andy Andrews: Mary Beth these are awesome! I love the natural light. Great job. (01/23/09, 06:54)     
christian: Hey - wonderful work.  Great seeing you and Milinda. I did not get to show off my G10 - it was an \´after Christmas\´ gift.  Love it - as \´big\´ a digital camera as I want to work with. Best wishes - c ps.  I do hate that number/letter verification dodad you got on this blog.  It always takes me ions to get right. (01/23/09, 06:54)     

Studio Portraits
Thursday, November 20, 2008 | portrait           

Below are a few favorites from recent studio sessions.  All images were taken in the studio using only the light from the windows.  











Most of the headshots I do are for the students at FSU but in the image below I've included Brandi Brown an incredible wedding coordinator located in Tallahassee.  


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Amy Martin: That second one is killer! also love those ones of him with his mom... precious! (11/24/08, 10:26)     
Aaron: wow, beautiful, soft light, these are wonderful! AA (11/21/08, 02:39)     

Studio Portraits
Thursday, August 28, 2008 | portrait           

Since I've been in the studio I've had a lot of people asking me why I haven't blogged any of the images from my sessions.  I would LOVE to blog every session but would spend every day blogging rather than actually working because of the number of sessions I shoot a week.  I've also had a lot of people confused about the style of photography taking place behind the gorgeous glass windows. Shooting with a more natural and candid style it's hard for most to understand how that translates into the studio.  Rather than describing it, I thought I'd just show ya!  Below are a few pictures taken from recent sessions here in the studio.  I couldn't be more thrilled with all of my new clients and enjoying every minute of it!  


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Kylene Gay: I looove these! So natural, and definitely not \"studio-like\". It\´s funny to know the story behind the first one, of the little guy hiding in the bathroom! :) (09/05/08, 12:36)     
Leslie Roark Photography: These are wonderful! (09/01/08, 02:33)     
Ryel j: WOW these are too adorable! Just pure fun!! (08/29/08, 12:52)     
Rob Munroe: Beautiful Mary Beth (08/29/08, 12:52)     
Chris: That is some sweet light for a studio. All of your clients are going to be thrilled with the results. Good stuff as always. (08/28/08, 03:54)     
Dana Andreasson: Love the first one!  Absolutely adorable!  Congratulations on the new studio! (08/28/08, 02:19)     
erin harvey: Yay, I´m so glad you posted some shots in the new studio! Absolutely adorable, but the last one is totally my fav! (08/28/08, 02:17)     
Armin: Looks like a great place to shoot! (08/28/08, 12:50)     
Michelle: I love these! You are such a great photographer!!! I want to visit your studio! (08/28/08, 12:49)     
susan stripling: hideous studio, wherever did you find it? :) :) :)  just kidding, beautiful work!!!!! (08/28/08, 11:52)     
Dawn McKinstry: Love the first one!! (08/28/08, 12:50)     
Kimberly  Jarman: LOVE THEM!!! (08/28/08, 11:47)     
christian: Hey - great work!  So delighted that it is all working out. (08/28/08, 11:34)     
Lynn@ CHRIS+LYNN: So natural and fresh. Love, love, love the last one! (08/28/08, 11:19)     

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