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Tara and Chris
Saturday, March 01, 2008 | engagement           

I am pleased to introduce Tara and Chris!  We met up for a beach engagement shoot in Ponte Vedra, just south of Jacksonville.  I love shooting on the beach and am so glad they introduced me to this spot... I'll definitely use it again!  

We arrived just shortly before the sun set.  The waves were incredible and the beach was just perfect! It's always a pleasure photographing couples who are so natural with each other and clearly in love like Tara and Chris.  

Check out Tara's flawless skin....


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Micha : These are so great and what a gorgeous day! (03/08/08, 02:35)     
Michelle: Beautiful light. These are great! (03/07/08, 06:39)     
Dawn McKinstry: great light!  I love your beach pictures. (03/02/08, 09:46)     

Kelly and Steven
Monday, January 21, 2008 | engagement           

St. Augustine is one of my favorite places to shoot!  Even though it's a huge tourist attraction the colors and old cobble streets are a great backdrop!  The last time I shot there it was incredibly hot so I was glad to shoot on a cold day - even if we couldn't feel our fingers!  

Below are a few favorites...

I think Steven was trying to jump on me for making him miss part of the football game!


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Armin: Way cool capturing them together while the whole world goes on around them (street shots), one of my favorite type of shots I like to do! (03/27/08, 07:09)     
Wesley: Nice job again MB.... I just saw you are going to WPPI. We must hook up! Be thinking of a good place for cocktails! (02/10/08, 01:01)     
Erin Harvey: The lighting was so perfect. Maybe it just takes the right eye to see it. =)  I love how you capture such emotion! (02/05/08, 06:37)     
Linda Long: So cute!  Love the new blog!  Missed you at the lunch this week!  Catch up soon! (01/27/08, 04:25)     
Katie Thurmes: Mary Beth! This is the first time I´ve visited your site and WOW you´ve got some beautiful stuff. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot of this couple walking through the crowded streets - what a great series.   I look forward to seeing  more! (01/23/08, 01:15)     
Jess: These pictures are great.  Beautiful people, and great lighting, perfect timing, and the result is amazing.   (01/23/08, 01:15)     
Joi: Hey Mary Beth, Love your work! and it was great meeting you. I hope Mark didn´t offend you to much j/k. Oh & we hope the bang bang shrimp was nicer to you than us, we were up all night.. not fun. Hope to see you again & next time how about Mexican? (01/23/08, 01:15)     
Kimberly Jarman: Awesome job as usual!! (01/22/08, 08:52)     
Dawn McKinstry: I love them.  The adorable couple helps too!  :) (01/22/08, 08:52)     

Mandy and Chris
Sunday, January 13, 2008 | engagement           

Yesterday I drove the incredibly long trip (30 minutes) to Calvary Georgia to shoot Mandy and Chris' engagement session.  Mandy and Chris are getting married at the home that has been in her family for over 120 years.  A perfect home for a wedding - and a sweet little engagement session!


The whole family!




Chris is a student which requires a lot of studying time.... which requires some flirting time for Mandy.




The gorgeous house






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Kara Pennington: LOVE the "studying" pic - so cute! :) (01/28/08, 10:25)     
Rob Munroe: Happy New Year Mary Beth!!  I think that dog was winking at you in the second photo. That house looks massive. That should be a awesome wedding. Beautiful couple. Are you going to WPPI in march? (01/15/08, 08:44)     
Daryn: YEAH!!!!I am so glad she is using you! She and I went to school together, and I recommended you!!! Her family should be fun to work with. Good Luck (01/14/08, 02:49)     

Laura and Jared
Saturday, December 01, 2007 13:15 | engagement           

On monday I grabbed my sweater, left behind my flip flops and headed up to Atlanta to shoot Laura and Jared's engagement session.  I often laugh at our leaves in Florida because even though many of our trees do lose their leaves in the winter they somehow miss the turning orange part.  Instead they just die and fall off.  Even a faint orange would be nice!  

We met about an hour before sunset which is a really great time to shoot.  Not only is the lighting nice on the face, the sun is at it's peak time to be photographed creating some really great sun flares.  

Before I introduce you to the incredibly hilarious (and I'm not just saying that) Jared and the super sweet and beautiful Laura I want to show off the colors in the park.  

While in Atlanta I got to spend time with my good friend Tiffany,  Tiffany and I were roommates while working in Texas.  I haven't seen her in quite a few years and REALLY enjoyed catching up!!

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Jill Higgins: Cute pics - cute couple! :) (05.12.2007 ,05:36)     
erich camping: Fabulous!!! Love the jumping images! Looks dangerous! (03.12.2007 ,17:40)     
Amy Martin: Great flare!  :) (02.12.2007 ,15:51)     

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