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A few personal items...
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 | personal           

Good-Bye Pudgy!  

Let me start by saying this:  If you're interested in pursuing a career as a photographer be prepared to give up the cute figure you currently have.  I always imagined my photography career would include two hours in the gym every morning because what else would I do with all that extra time on my hands... WRONG!  No matter what I did I couldn't make up for the hours spent in my office chair.  I also couldn't ignore my ever expanding body parts.  So a few weeks ago I decided to hire a personal trainer...  She's sweet, encouraging and not to mention quite buff... she's killing me!!!  I actually almost threw up after our session this morning!  Seriously!

Honestly, she's an amazing trainer.  So if you live in Tallahassee and would like to die 2-3 times a week in the gym let me know and I'll gladly pass on her name!


Summer Time = Vacation Time

Ryan and I have decided that our summer vacation this year will take place out west.  I was fortunate as a child to have family in Colorado and Montana so I spent my summers playing cowboys and indians with my cousins.  Last year we went to Montana but this year we're flying to Colorado and after spending five days we're driving to Montana via Wyoming - which I guess only makes sense since it's on the way.  The best part of about our vacation is that when we aren't staying with family we will be camping!  Below is a list of places we're visiting.  So if you're from the area or know a lot about it, recommend places for us to visit.  Keep in mind we are obsessed with eating and usually plan our vacations around a good steakhouse!

Estes Park
Rocky Mountain National Park
Grand Lake
Cameron Pass
Poudre Canyon
Red Feather Lakes (family)
Jackson Hole
Grand Tetans
Yellowstone National Park
West Yellowstone, MT
Virginia City
Missoula (family)
Glacier National Park


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Lauren: I totally hear you on the personal trainer girl! You can do it!!! :D (05/28/08, 07:15)     
Lindsi: The chronic exposure to wedding cake doesn´t help either! ;-0 (05/25/08, 02:37)     
Armin: I LOVE it out west... I can´t wait to go and visit and explore again. Sounds like you got a fun itinerary! I know it´s out of the way but if you happen to find yourself in New Mexico, White Sands National Park is worth a look! Go at the right time with the right light and you´ll get some amazing images, :) (05/22/08, 01:56)     
megan dailor: That sounds so fun!  I loved your pictures last time around of Glacier National Park, they were just beautiful.  That is high on my list of places to visit.  Have an amazing time! (05/22/08, 10:52)     
Dawn McKinstry: Oh my gosh, I\´m so jealous!!  My family went on vacation to Colorado and Wyoming a few years ago.  We stayed in Estes Park, and we LOVED it!  It\´s actually what made me vow to move out of FL and to the west as soon as I could (of course I fell in love and never left - but that\´s beside the point).  We also spent a little bit of time in Cheyenne. Loved it!! (05/22/08, 09:08)     
Michelle: HAHA! I know what you mean! Right now, I am standing up working on the computer. I can feel myself getting fat by sitting down. HAHA! (05/22/08, 09:08)     
Stacy Cross: Wish you were coming to Texas, girl! We must meet one day! Sounds like a fun trip! :) (05/22/08, 08:40)     
Micha: This sounds like an awesome time! I hope you have a wonderful time!!! (05/21/08, 03:15)     

Gini Lynn and Greg's Rehearsal Dinner
Thursday, May 08, 2008 | personal           

This past weekend I went to a wedding.... as a bridesmaid!!  My cousin Gini Lynn, who is two months younger than me, got married on saturday on the front porch of her grandparent's house.  The night before we had the rehearsal and dinner in the backyard and like most events in our family we had a "low country boil" and great music.  

Some wedding pictures coming soon....

Jesse and my cousin, Ida Marie, talking before the rehearsal.  

Greg didn't lose a bet - There is actually an explanation for his outfit!!


Boiled Peanuts

Ida Marie (my cousin), Jolie (cousin-in-law) and our friend Jesse  


My uncle (in the hat) and his cousins are our permanent cooks at all family events.

My mom!!


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Chayil Branda: seriously that looks like a rendition of NC Frogmore Stew. It´s a staple at all our family gatherings too. We don´t get boiled peanuts... but we should! (05/09/08, 02:08)     
Dawn McKinstry: So... what is the explaination for Greg´s attire??  Oh, and I see another groomsman dressed the same way.  Was there some sort of skit at the rehearsal dinner that required costumes? (05/09/08, 11:38)     
Kim: How fun!!! Reminds me of your wedding!!! (05/08/08, 08:40)     

Gotta Get in Shape!
Wednesday, March 05, 2008 | personal           

I realized this morning that preparing for your first day at a new aerobics class is like preparing for your first day at a new school.  What should I wear?  Does this look cute?  Will I be too early and - Oh No!  I can't be late!  But it doesn't matter anyways because if your first day is anything like mine today - you show up wearing your Pilates flip flops to a Step class and then have to run home for your nikes and come back late.  

The worst part about being new in a class is that every one else knows the routine and too often you find yourself mysteriously facing the wrong direction staring everyone in the face.  Way to be discrete!    

The days of trying to come up with something to blog is quickly ending.  Wedding Season officially starts this weekend and won't slow down until September!  

Let the chaos begin!!

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Melissa Powell: woo hoo!  Bring on the craziness that is wedding season!  I can\´t wait!  It has been nice having an occasional weekend available though. (03/05/08, 08:33)     

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 | personal           

The time has finally come... we're moving.  After two years of living in a very small town southwest of Ocala we packed our UHaul and we're hitting to road.  Destination:  Tallahassee.  

Ryan should be awarded for his incredible UHaul packing abilities!  I've never seen anything like it!  There isn't an inch of room left in that thing, literally!  My address and phone number will change in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for an email with the updated information.  

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Julie Todd: So glad you´re coming to Tally!  Let me know if you want to get a drink sometime... (03/05/08, 01:12)     
Doris Graska: Good luck on your move. So good to see you, sorry about "spilling" all over you. I have some photos that you might like to have. Will email - but to what address? (03/05/08, 11:34)     
linda long: Hey Mary Beth! When y´all get settled a bit, let me know so we can catch up a bit!  Welcome to town! Linda (02/29/08, 09:00)     
Micha: This is so awesome I know God is leading you in the right direction I will keep you guys in my prayers! (02/29/08, 02:05)     
Daryn: Oh, well as a current Tallahassee Lassie let me be the first to WELCOME you and Ryan! What part of T-Town are you going to be residing? Any studio plans in the future? Good luck with the move. Talk to you soon (02/28/08, 03:17)     
Kara Pennington: Yay! I´m excited for you two, but also sad that you´ll be further away :) Have fun moving in and keep in touch! (02/28/08, 03:17)     
Dawn McKinstry: The packing thing sounds like Bill.  He can pack anything, and more efficiently than I could ever imagine. Good luck getting all moved in! (02/28/08, 03:17)     
Jill Higgins: You´ll practically be my neighbor!  lol  Maybe we can get together sometime for dinner.  :) (02/28/08, 03:17)     

Oh my gosh!!!
Monday, February 18, 2008 | personal           

Today's my two year anniversary!!!  Unfortunately our busy lives are keeping us apart today so we had to celebrate this past weekend.  I can't believe how quickly the past two years have flown by....  seriously flown by!  I know everyone says this but I really am married to the most incredible man in the world!  I can't begin to say enough about him.  

I wish I had a picture to post but I'm blogging from my laptop away from all my stored files.  :-(


**Edit - After searching around on my server I found a picture of ryan from our week in Jamaica two years ago!  It's a little small but it's better than a picture-less post.  :-)

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Kim: oh my gosh!! Congratulations!!!! (02/20/08, 07:52)     
Dawn McKinstry: 2 years?!? Really?!  It feels like we were JUST at your wedding! Congratulations to both of you! (02/18/08, 04:56)     
Chris Harvey: Congrats on your 2 year anniversary! (02/18/08, 01:21)     

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