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Exciting News!
Tuesday, July 22, 2008 | business           

I was going to wait to share this news until I had images to post - but I'm just too excited to wait!

At the exact time I was sitting in my home office thinking that I HAD to get a bigger workspace, our local and international photographer, Susan Stripling, contacted me with a too-good-to-be-true opportunity.  Over the last couple of years Susan's blood, sweat and tears (well maybe not blood) went into the construction and design of an amazing 5500 sq ft studio here in downtown Tallahassee.  The time has come for her to move the home base of her business to NY.  While Tallahassee will greatly miss her, I can't be more excited about this opportunity.

On August 1st we're packing up the tiny office and moving into the new studio!

So what does this mean for my out of town wedding clients?  Not much except when you call or email me I will be communicating from a really cool location.  What this does mean is that I will be adding a whole new dimension to my business.  While I will continue to shoot location portraits, I will now offer studio sessions as well.  When I mention the words "studio" and "portrait" most people think backdrops, sears and "say cheese" but it's everything but those things!  The studio was designed to let in natural light throughout the entire day and made up of vaulted ceilings, white walls and enormous windows - every inch of it screams creativity!  My focus will be the same in the studio as it is in my client's homes - focusing on the emotions and personalities of the little ones!  

More updates and images coming soon.  Stay tuned...

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susan stripling: take good care of the space (i miss it!) and do amazing things there - i know you will! :) :) (08/13/08, 02:29)     
Suzy Roberts: oooohhh!!! CONGRATS!! :) i can´t WAIT til there are pics!!!! you are going to do fabulous!!! (08/11/08, 07:28)     
Jeff Mason: Mary Beth-WOW!  How wonderful for you and your business.  The Lord is certainly smiling on you.  Next time I visit Jeff and Monica in Destin I would like to stop in for a visit.  -Jeff (07/30/08, 03:54)     
Rob Munroe: Congrats on the space and future Mary Beth (07/30/08, 03:54)     
Lindsi Jones: This is awesome. I hope I can come and visit you sometime! (07/29/08, 08:01)     
christian: Hi Mary Beth - this is just so fantastic!!!!!!  Congratulations & many thanks also for the ride yesterday! :) (07/28/08, 06:56)     
linda long: Congrats again!  Can\´t wait to see it once you are all moved in!! (07/25/08, 05:11)     
Armin: Congratulations MB. Get some pics of the place ASAP! (07/25/08, 12:25)     
maile: no way! i went to one of her workshops in jan, and she seemed to be working feverishly on finishing it. That is awesome news! So happy for you! I have built 3 studios out from the bare walls, and it was not fun! woohoo for not having to remodel stuff yourself! :) (07/23/08, 04:25)     
Jennifer Bowen: That is fantastic! Congratulations MB! How far is Tallahasse from Orlando? Would love to see the space when Im down in Orlando in Sept. :) (07/23/08, 12:55)     
Micha: I am super excited for you and wish you the best of luck! I can´t wait to come and check out the new studio on my next Tallahassee trip. (07/23/08, 12:55)     
Daryn: Yeah for studio shots!!! I´m so happy for you and I can´t wait to come by and see everything! Good Luck! (07/23/08, 12:55)     
Chayil Branda: Congrats on the new place MaryBeth!! Let us know if you´re going to have an open house!! ~chayil (07/22/08, 09:10)     
megan: Mary Beth, that is so cool! Congratulations, I can´t wait to see some pictures of the space! :) (07/22/08, 09:07)     
Jason Groupp: MB - Congrats to you!  I am so excited!  Can´t wait to see pics in the new place! (07/22/08, 06:17)     
ashley: that is exciting news, congratulations!  Cant wait to see the pics (07/22/08, 04:41)     
Amy Martin: Of course you already know this, but I´m SOOOO excited for you!  I´ve been waiting for this post!  :)   (07/22/08, 03:24)     
Jenna Jones: Congrats!   (07/22/08, 12:11)     

100,000 miles and counting
Thursday, May 15, 2008 | business           

By tomorrow night at midnight my car will hit 100,000 miles.  I love my job but I had no idea that shooting and editing would come second to driving!  

I'll be out of the office starting this afternoon and won't be back to work until tuesday.  What I'm doing tomorrow is more exciting to me than being featured in the country's top bridal magazine....  I'm going home to speak to my old middle school's photography class!!  When Kim, the middle school photography teacher, asked me I couldn't have been more excited!  Hopefully I'll have pictures to post of my attempt at teaching.

Then on friday I'm off to South Carolina to shoot a wedding.  I'm dragging my good friend Beth along to keep me company.  Stay tuned...

If you need to reach me in the meantime please don't hesitate to call.  Otherwise I will return all emails when I return.  

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Michelle: 100,000 miles. Yay! I´m going to drive my car somewhere amazing when it hits that. Hhhmm.....but where?  :) (05/19/08, 09:30)     
Amy Martin: Oh my, that\´s so cute!!  Good luck in your teaching endeavors... I can\´t quite picture it, but have fun anyways!  ;) (05/17/08, 11:12)     

For Sale
Tuesday, May 06, 2008 | business           

It's time to sell my Canon 20D camera body.  If interested email me at marybeth@marybethtyson.com  -  SOLD


Off to the Dominican!
Tuesday, April 15, 2008 | business           

Starting tomorrow until April 22nd I will be shooting with Amy Martin in the Dominican Republic.  Unfortunately this isn't a vacation so I'll do my best to return all emails while away.  I'm also going to try super hard to update the blog while down there so... stay tuned!!    



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Micha: This sounds like an awesome time I can´t wait to see pics! (04/22/08, 05:05)     
Tim Co.: OH Whatever lol.  you know u and amy aren´t going to be doing real work down there.  all destination weddings are is just a big hooting fun trip lol.  no work at all!  this is better than a vacation its an ADVENTURE!!!!!  Have a few drinks and be sure to take lots of pics on ur trip :p. (04/22/08, 05:05)     
Erin Harvey: I hope you guys have a great time and make a little time for some fun! Say hi to Amy for me. =) Oh and be sure to wear ur sunscreen. (04/15/08, 09:57)     
Armin: You both have a great trip and try not to cause any trouble down there! Happy shooting :) (04/15/08, 07:53)     

Thursday, March 20, 2008 | business           

I'm sitting in the Las Vegas airport trying to convince myself that collapsing on the floor and falling into a deep sleep will only cause me to miss my plane.  I didn't know it was possible to have so much fun on such little sleep.  But it's now time to get back to normal life and say good-bye to Vegas and all the fun.  

It was such an incredible pleasure to meet so many amazing photographers.  I'm looking forward to staying in touch with you all and meeting up again very soon!  

I'll be "out of the office" for the next couple of days.  Most likely I'll be sleeping but will return phone calls and emails as soon as I catch up on my much needed sleep!  

Many many pictures to post very soon....  

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Armin: I totally felt your pain, lol. Every night reminded me I wasn´t in college anymore, lol. Great meeting you & Amy! (03/27/08, 07:09)     
erich camping: Mary Beth, I am so disappointed I did not get a chance to meet up with you and Amy:( Two days was not nearly enough time to for me to be in Vegas. Next year for sure. (03/24/08, 07:31)     
Kara Pennington: Can´t wait to see pictures!! :)   (03/22/08, 03:39)     

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