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Out of Town
Monday, November 24, 2008 | personal           

With Thanksgiving coming up this week and the end of my busy wedding season last week, Ryan and I flew up to Baltimore for a few days to visit my brother and sister-in-law, Jarret and Anna.  I'm a self-proclaimed heat lover so the cold weather up here has been a really interesting experience.  To top it all off we spent a solid 7 hours in the freezing weather yesterday when we went to the Ravens/Eagles game.  Burrr....

The best part of the game, other than the win, is that Jarret intercepted the ball and ran it back a ways. Unfortunately he was run down by a Eagles player who apparently was a bit speedier than him.  Regardless we still screamed until we lost our voices.  Like any proud sister I have to post the video....  

Click Here to watch the video!  It's a must!  

and a few pics that I completely stole off of the Ravens website.... shhhhh....



Many more fun pictures coming soon.  After that, back to business as usual!  :-)


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Megan Zeller Photography: I´m a big Ravens fan from PA.  You must be proud!  My husband is a Dolphins fan- there´s going to be some fighting going on this weekend when they play eachother in the playoffs! (01/07/09, 08:39)     
Armin: Yes that was an awesome game. Great play! (12/05/08, 03:24)     
teresa: That is awesome!!!  How great that you were there to see it!  Have a great happy and safe thanksgiving!! (12/05/08, 03:24)     
Rae Leytham: That is so awesome!  I love his catch....so smooth!  And, Mr. Eagles #81 didn´t have to be so mean and push him like that!  haha!  Great job Jarret!  MBT - I know you are so proud! (12/05/08, 03:24)     

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