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Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 | personal           

Every once in a while I get to do something that really pulls on my heart strings and reminds me of the reason I originally fell in love with photography.  

This week Tallahassee is buzzing with excitement over the fact that Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in town working with Myddelton Parker Builders building a new home for a very worthy family.  I was so honored when ABC asked Inga Finch and I to spend time with the family to create portraits that will hang in their new home.  We arrived on the first day and spent countless hours with the kids not only photographing them but also enjoying their personalities and introducing them to addictive iPhone games - Sorry Mrs. Kadzis!!  Each member of this family of 9 is incredibly unique and special.

A big huge thanks goes to Susan Stripling for passing our names on to ABC.

Images of the family and first day coming soon....

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Armin: Just saw the bittersweet episode, congrats and great job! (04/13/09, 12:12)     
Ashley: I just saw your pictures on the show and they are gorgeous! (04/13/09, 12:12)     
chr: Hey MB, Sure wish I could talk you into doing a Pecha Kucha Night presentation about this!!! chris (03/10/09, 07:19)     
Lynn@CHRIS+LYNN: So exciting! Big, huge congratulations to you! Can´t wait to see you rock Extreme Makeover Home Edition!!! (03/09/09, 04:32)     
Rae Leytham: You dog!  I know you had a blast! (03/09/09, 12:37)     
Leslie Roark: Oh that is SO amazing! Congratulations!!!! I love that show! (03/02/09, 09:46)     
Melissa Beard: That´s amazing Mary Beth!  What an incredible opportunity.  I´m so proud and excited for you!  Congratulations big time! (03/02/09, 09:46)     
Micha: This is such a blessing Mary Beth I can\´t wait to see what you guys came up with!!! (03/02/09, 09:46)     
Rob Munroe: Congrats Mary Beth, and I see you´re passing your Iphone addiction to others. LOL (02/25/09, 02:51)     

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