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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 | personal           

As so many of you know, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Tallahassee to build a home for a very worthy family.  I was so honored to be a part of it.  Inga Finch and I were invited to join the EMHE team to spend time with the family creating portraits to hang on the walls of their new home.  We instantly fell in love with the Kadzis family.  A big thanks goes to Susan Stripling for giving our names to ABC.  

If you missed the show be sure to watch it online.  Their story is truly inspiring.  


One of my favorite projects of the day was the sign language project.  Julia signed each letter of the word "family".  The letters were printed on 8x8 canvas gallery wraps with 2 1/2 inch sides and hung in Mrs. Kadzis' room.  

I also had a great time shooting with my very dear frind, Inga.  I think we make a good team!

We were able to travel down to the family's beach house to spend more time with them getting pictures on the beach.  Inga included the pictures she took from that day in her slideshow.  Be sure to check out her blog!


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Kristal: I cried my eyes out when I watched this episode! It was so sad that their dad/husband died shortly after getting into their new house. But at the same time it was like he waited until they were in the new home. (04/21/09, 09:44)     
Rae Leytham: I am so impressed!  These are amazing.  I am so proud of you and a little envious too.  That one of you and Inga is fantastic!  Gorgeous! (04/15/09, 09:03)     
MJ: Mary Beth, what a beautiful gift to be able to give back to this deserving family!  You and Inga should be terribly proud!  Congrats! (04/15/09, 10:03)     
Ashley: Amazing pictures! (04/15/09, 07:40)     
Melanie Little: Holy cow, girl!  Amazing! Those kids are so beautiful and you captured them perfectly! (04/15/09, 07:40)     
Courtney: Amazing job Mary Beth! What an unforgettable project! (04/14/09, 09:08)     
Kimberly Jarman: LOVE them!!! Made me cry all over again. (04/14/09, 11:49)     
Jen Davis: Congrats Mary Beth! I know they will cherish those photos forever! (04/14/09, 10:59)     
Rob Munroe: Congrats Mary Beth!!!  Awesome job.  If you ever get the chance to shoot Vanessa Williams I´ll hold you bags, and get your coffee. (14.04.2009 ,10:59)     

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