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The Stripling Girls - Brooklyn, NY
Monday, December 13, 2010 | portrait           

I love this family!  Susan is a wonderful friend of mine and her  daughters could possibly be the sweetest little people walking the face  of this earth.  I went up to visit Susan this past weekend and really  enjoyed seeing her life in a place so different from my life here in  Tallahasee.  As her daughers played with their friends I kept saying  "this reminds me of Sesame Street!" I loved it!  Thank you Susan for  being such a fantastic friend!    










Emma and her adorable friend, Sophe.



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kristin cook: Precious! Love the image of them running :) (02/01/11, 05:21)     
Kristy B: Gorgeous set...reminds me of something out of a movie! (01/07/11, 07:35)     
Julie: Just lovely!  Ah, New York.  What a place to grow up. (12/14/10, 07:49)     
sharon: absolutely adorable! both of yall are amazing photographers! =) annnnd out of curiosity, what lens were you shooting with?!!? (12/14/10, 07:49)     
Alex Rodriguez: These images are outstanding, great job. (12/13/10, 07:44)     
Mecheal: So wonderful! It looks like they had a great time! (12/13/10, 07:44)     
Micha Everett: These are amazing! What a sweet and beautiful family! (12/13/10, 07:44)     
patsy: love, love, love, love, love! I MUST have you do this for me and my boys.   OMG, I LOVE THESE! Susan and her girls are totally precious!  BEAUTIFUL! (12/13/10, 07:44)     
Rebecca Jeanne: LOVE those gorgeous smiles! (12/13/10, 07:44)     
Dede Edwards: Great job MBT! (12/13/10, 07:44)     
susan stripling: Thank you so so so much from the bottom of my heart.  You have NO idea how much these images mean to me.  I love you so much! (12/13/10, 07:44)     
Liene Stevens: These are beautiful! (12/13/10, 07:44)     

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