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Lobstering in the Keys
Monday, August 11, 2008 | personal           

As promised I finally have some pictures from our trip to the keys.  We try to make a trip down every year to see family but aren't always so successful.  This year we were able to make the lobster mini-season which is a two-day mad house!  It's fun though.    

Half way to the keys I realized I forgot my little camera.  So I had to borrow my aunt's and I have to say that her camera takes the WORST pictures I've ever seen!!  Sorry Aunt Mary Ann.  It's sad but true.  :(  Unfortunately her camera closely resembles the underwater camera so it no longer works...

The first day we went dolphin fishing.  Photography and fishing don't mix so this is all I have to post from that day.  If you know me well you know that there isn't anything I love to do more than fish.  

My uncle ready to dive for a deep lobster.  

At the end of a long day and wearing all that gear I love to get rid of my flippers and mask and just swim around while everyone else works.  This was taken during that time and probably the last picture that sorry little camera took.

Proof that the Polaroid point-and-shoot is the worst camera ever created.  Either way here's a pic of me and Ryan.



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Daryn: But it´s a cute picture of you and the hubby anyway!!I miss going lobstering!!! (08/12/08, 10:44)     
Rob Munroe: what are the chances of you guys putting that lobster on ice and sending it up here to NY on vacation. (08/12/08, 10:44)     
Chris Harvey: Sharpening not work to well on that picture? Looks like you printed it at Walgreen´s,then scanned it, then took a picture of your scan, and then scanned that. High quality stuff. Great low noise in the bright sunlight. Just messing with you. Glad to see you had a little fun at least. We all know your real stuff rocks. Later girl. (08/12/08, 10:44)     
Teresa: UGH, little cameras do suck sometimes.  They are so easy to carry vs. the dlsr, but the pics aren´t always great!  It looks like ya´ll had a blast. It´s nice to get away sometimes!   (08/11/08, 05:50)     

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